Save Crystal Lake

Save Crystal Lake Crystal Lake, located in the Sandhills of North Carolina, a wonderful area. We boast with smugness about our little community and great weather. Lakeview and the community of Moore County are blessed with a beautiful lake, Crystal Lake, that serves as a habitat for wildlife and a recretation lake open to the public. Now Crystal Lake and the wildlife habitat is in danger. Through these pages you'll learn about Crystal Lake its wildlife and how important this lake is to the community, county, and the state.. You will learn why the citizens of Lakeview, North Carolina are asking for your help in preserving this wildlife habitat, recreation resource and the natural beauty of the lake community. We've included information pages on our webite to help you understand why we need your donation. Thanks for visiting our Website. I'm sure you'll discover, as we have, that Crystal Lake is a wonderful nature wildlife area worthy of your donation. If you have any idea's for topics, categories, features, or just a comment please feel free to contact Us.

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